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No matter what kind of system he set up, he can't expect them to obey him if he shows up once in a couple of years to give some new orders and than goes back to cold sleep. Vagan higher-ups are not brainwashed zombies, they surely have ambitions beyond following Ezelcant's plan. Zanald is prime example, he is power hungry and doesn't have twisted unshakable loyalty to Ezelcant like Zeheart. I think it's a miracle that the man didn't try to backstab and usurp Ezelcant at the first opportunity, considering it's the first thing he did after learning of Zeheart's appointment.
But whatever ambition they have their ultimate goals still aligns - kill some Earthlings and take over Earth, also it's not like they have resources and wealth to fight over within the Vagan homeland plus they are all sitting on the SAME time bomb (Mars Rays, so there's no point just being a tyrant in Vagan homeland when in a few years everyone would be dead), thus I'm not sure how you can even develop factions when the ideals lines up so much - Ezelcant wasn't exactly peace loving nor was he showing weakness against the Earthlings, so usurp him is going to require some really damn good excuse otherwise you are going to get complete chaos and no followers. It would only make sense to overthrow Ezelcant if personal interest and method diverges, which is not the case even with Zanald.
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