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That's all makes total sense, but having the same motivations doesn't rob them of hunger for power and glory. It's seems quite believable that some high-ranking Vagan commanders can decide that they are more worthy of leading their nation than the man who spends most of the time sleeping in the cryo pod. They don't need to have some strong reasons or very divergent opinions to stage a coup, some people are just that hungry for power, look at Zanald again, the man made a grab for power right in the middle of the finale battle. You can't get more power hungry than that.
Although Zanald tried to make a grab for power in the middle of a battle that was more of him against Zeheart rather than Ezelcant (and yeah sorry Zeheart you ARE a failure throughout the series), even then he didn't go full out but merely sort of just chipped away some of Zeheart forces - which suggested he's not completely crazy and does take some factors into consideration (most likely that beating the Feds and taking over Earth were still higher on the list).

The most logical conclusion one can make from that is Ezelcant has a much bigger loyal faction and he also have great support from the non-combatant Vagans. This makes a grab for power extremely difficult because, again, you can't really make a grab for power against someone who is essentially running on the exact same platform of "invade Earth and kill them". Sound bites won't work in this case to win support from anyone.

Also, i would like to note that Ezelcant by following his Eden plan made a lot of questionable form the Vagan POV decisions, like deliberately prolonging the war and leaving Earthers chances to survive, and at some point some of his commanders were bound to notice that something was amiss. I can see it earning Ezelcant scorn and label of "weakling" from some of the more bellicose commanders, and coupled with his constant use of cold sleep it's practically an invitation to try sieze the power.
While it could be argued that his Gen 1 plans were a complete failure and a grab would make the most sense then, in the successive generations he made some quite noticeable progress that makes it hard for his opponents to call him out as failures or weak. Again I just find it hard to build a platform to grab power when both platforms are essentially the same and with Ezelcant's front story able to unit the Vagans on a common goal any sort of civil war amongst the Vagans would be hard to justify even for the truly crazies. I mean I don't see how "Ezelcant's war isn't bloody enough, let me show you REAL war" as a good rally cry....
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