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Although Zanald tried to make a grab for power in the middle of a battle that was more of him against Zeheart rather than Ezelcant (and yeah sorry Zeheart you ARE a failure throughout the series), even then he didn't go full out but merely sort of just chipped away some of Zeheart forces - which suggested he's not completely crazy and does take some factors into consideration (most likely that beating the Feds and taking over Earth were still higher on the list).

The most logical conclusion one can make from that is Ezelcant has a much bigger loyal faction and he also have great support from the non-combatant Vagans. This makes a grab for power extremely difficult because, again, you can't really make a grab for power against someone who is essentially running on the exact same platform of "invade Earth and kill them". Sound bites won't work in this case to win support from anyone.
Zanald had his troops trying to kill officially appointed leader of the nation in the middle of the battle that would decide outcome of the whole war, something that I assume in case of success would have resulted in huge blow to moral of the rest of the Vagan military. In the end it was exactly his mutiny that proved to be Vagan undoing: they had an edge over the Federation in the beginning of the battle thanks to the trick with fake ships, but Zanald's intervention gave Feddies time to recover. Not to mention that because of his actions Kio was able to get away when Zeheart was about to kill him. In any case, if he saw fit to go rogue in such crucial time as final battle without regard for possible consequences, I can totally imagine him trying to dethrone Ezelcant during more "peaceful" time.

The main problem with Ezelcant holding power is that he doesn't appear to actually have loyal faction. There are no Nobles/Aristocracy/Upper classes who benefit from his rule and therefore provide him their support, while civilians are easily influenced and their support doesn't mean much. It's just a single man who somehow managed to subjugate/inspire loyalty to the whole nation. On top of that, he spends years (if not decades) away from politics, instead prolonging his life via cold sleep, yet every time he awakens Vagans continue to happily do his bidding despite the fact there is highly ambitious and arrogant men amongst them who realistically wouldn't be too inclined to obey someone like Ezelcant.

And no, i don't agree that because Vagans sitting on the time bomb they would be afraid of infighting. Their situation is dire, but it's not that dire. They already have been living there for like 200 years, and most likely can live at least 200 more if need be, of course it's not getting better , but I think realistically there still should be enough contenders for the position of Vagan leader, even if they know that power struggle will somehow hamper their military advance on Earth.

While it could be argued that his Gen 1 plans were a complete failure and a grab would make the most sense then, in the successive generations he made some quite noticeable progress that makes it hard for his opponents to call him out as failures or weak. Again I just find it hard to build a platform to grab power when both platforms are essentially the same and with Ezelcant's front story able to unit the Vagans on a common goal any sort of civil war amongst the Vagans would be hard to justify even for the truly crazies. I mean I don't see how "Ezelcant's war isn't bloody enough, let me show you REAL war" as a good rally cry....
I can imagine Ezelcant selling "graduate progress" bullshit to civilians, but commanders, who are the ones carrying out his orders, probably must notice that the war is not going the most optimal way, that some orders make little sense, that they are loosing their technological advantage, etc. In this case, obedience can be expected only from the fanatics like Zeheart and Gerra Zoi, but as it turns out, not all Vagan commanders are like that.
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