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Originally Posted by frubam View Post
It'd be rather easy to make filler material for this; well, easy in the sense that most chapters are self-contained. There's no way they'd be able to stretch out a chapter over 1 whole episode, so I imagine they'll run with a half-episode type format(y'know, like Kyou no Go no Ni/Today in class 5-2).
Well, Mokocchi has a ton of fantasies in the manga that are referenced but never shown and could easily be expanded upon. In particular, I'd love to see one where she dreams about being Mitsuko from Battle Royale.

But I'm not sure how much that's necessary. If they follow the 3-chapters-per-episode approach of Squid Girl and Daily Lives of High School Boys, they only need 36-39 chapters for one cour, and they're already up to 32. Considering it comes out twice a month, they'll have enough material by the time the anime starts.

I think the bigger issue for the adaptation will be how they handle the fact that 90% of the manga is Mokocchi talking to herself. Whoever gets cast for that part is going to have to carry the series. And I don't think any of the popular seiyuu have the have the right voice, so they can't just pop HanaKana in there.
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