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Originally Posted by LoveYouSaber View Post
How do Vietnamese see the Chinese in general? Judging from Lhklan's comments, it seems that it's not the Chinese stealing factory jobs from Vietnamese workers, so I guess it's Chinese funds plus local workers combination for those factories right?

Did any hostile feelings exist prior to this latest marine incident? I know China and Vietnam fought a war, but that's almost 35 years ago.

And yeah, I also rolled my eyes when I heard Taiwanese factories were damaged rather than Chinese. Guess the rioters are paying the Chinese government the ultimate compliment by admitting Taiwan is part of China lol.
As for the factories: some what like that. While the companies may or may not be from China, the workers are mostly Vietnameses.

As for views:

- There some of us who just don't care about it, since the doing all the BS is the Chinese goverment.

- There are those who are slightly irritated, but never the less keep being polite and good people.

- And then there those fucking idiot. Part of me is sure that the patriotism is only a part of what they're doing, but the fact that they get to steal/rob those factories blind.

Also, it's not just Taiwan and Hong Kong companies that get hit. There are also some Thailand, Japanese and Singapore factories that were involved.

As for hostile feelings: Well there are lingerings hostility yes, but it's not because of the war but because of the fact that China's been harassing us for the last few years.
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