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Originally Posted by oompa loompa View Post
India is full of (what I like to refer to as) 'armchair socialists' , who come from rich backgrounds, live in luxury, and harp on about the importance of peoples rights.
India ain't the only one. There are places like my home province of Quebec and even France (with Mitterrand and Hollande) where armchair socialists sold their idealist crap for a while through the media before their reign went down crashing in flames when they left things in a worse state of affairs.

The worst thing that can happen is when a country lets such people be elected to power because all they have is ideology but no practicality. Meanwhile, the most performing countries on the economics front are usually standing towards the center, never leaning too far towards the right nor the left.

We'll see how this unfolds for India, but I would not put too many hopes there. Speaking of the two-party system, I know this is not very good considering what we have seen how far it goes in the US. However, I cannot tell how to solve that; so many countries with a fully functional electoral system have a long-standing rivalry between 2 parties having legitimate chances of winning elections. Perhaps it reflects part of human nature on moving towards a pole or the other.
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