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Funny, KyoAni.


You clearly aspire to make people laugh in Hosaka-like quantities, and you know what?

You've just done that.

Only this franchise could get away with this. No matter what they do with the series, people are going to buy the DVDs and every other form of Haruhi-related merchandise they can find.

I really hope that all these Endless Eight episodes could somehow be counted as one episode by KyoAni/Kadokawa/whoever. I wish that somehow, once the fans of the series were either about to go crazy or about to become seriously depressed, there'd be enough different episodes released to complete the season. K/K/W would say, "What 15,498+ episodes that were more or less the same? I don't know what you're talking about. There was one Endless Eight episode, and it ended exactly like how the novel ended. Then we aired the rest of the episodes, old and new content ali--"

See, that's when the bomb will go off.
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