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Just finished being part of an author/book/publisher festival in Portland, Oregon on the very square where Blar first sees Tsika in Volume One.
I was fine with the results. I made more money than I spent (aka I sold books and each sale was someone buying all 3 books). I had several ebook folks take my cards for buying Kindle versions.
Lessons learned -
1) really need to run my own tent. My tent host (a children's book author) was very nice and we had a good time chatting but walking around informed me that having one's own stall helps focus the message.
2) I need ebook QR code cards for ebook sales. They could double as bookmarks.
3) Tune my pitch - the dark comedy with romance seems to be a winning angle.
4) Provide information boards with the pitch and genre in writing.

It was amusing to watch people react to the images. With very few exceptions, the guys stopped dead in their tracks, mesmerized by Mamiko and Elisanth modeling as Tsika and Glycerin on the book covers and the big poster. It was also amusing that the women they were with dragged them away. This is sad because the story I find appeals to women at least as much as men. Need to work on my sign verbage about genre.

The band has a FaceBook page (run by Kpau):
however, given FB's Mafia style crush of NOT delivering posts to followers unless I pay money - I plan to implement the band their own website over the next couple of months. Doing the page is fun - it's like a collection of micro-stories with each band member posting about something or linking to something that gets their attention, like Kpau getting excited over the Portland Naked Bike Tour (yes, people drive around town on a route .. naked).

My part of a booth:


(photo by Daniel Larsen)

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