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So, of course while I'm trying to get the Kindle edition of volume 3 out, and start volume 4, and work on preproduction of a photo shoot with Mamiko ... I get these idea bubbles for short stories shorting my brain out.

Stupid brain.

I stayed up all night last night and wrote the first one in one go of it. It's a story about Kpau, in the years between her being orphaned and her leaving for California.

Still touching it up. I'll release it here ... eventually I think I'll collect the short stories and make them part of a volume, rather like you see in Japanese light novel series. Not really Omake but stuff that didn't fit into the main story.

Some random pics from FB for those who don't use it. Mamiko is teaching me Polish while I help her with English. I'm a much worse student than she is. Visit her Tumblr at
Mamiko for a clothing photoshoot.

Testing circle amber contacts, for Tsika

We've agreed this should be part of the "volume 4" Tsika stage garb.

I'll post the short story tomorrow after a few more edits.

I call it "Duck! Rabbit! Duck! -- A Love Story"
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