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My Favorite Devil Fruit would have to be one that controls Wind

Name : cant think of one

Type: Logia

Vacum - sucks all the air out of an area
Tornado-by spining your body you can make a Tornado
Hurricane Blades - condenses the ar to form blades(kinda like what kariya the Bount leader could do)
Wind Implode - forces the wind downward on a target crushing them
Wind Bomb-Throws a ball of wind down which explodes(sending wind out in all directions) on impact can also cause internal damage to the target.
Wind Shield- Condenses the wind/air around the users Body so he can repel attacks
Cyclone Punch-send out a burst of wind on impact
Sharp Storm- Focus the Wind to such a degree that it becomes like tiny blades tearing apart anyone got in it piece by piece
Wind Boost- Shoots wind out from certain parts of the body to incress speed and power for example by timing it correctly can shoot wind out from his feet to incresse his speed 10x the normal speed, or by shoting wind out the moment of an attack(puch,Kick ext) can increse the power dramitically

the only other fruits I would want are Ace's and the Eneru Guys but they already ate the Devil Fruits so I can never ave them(unless I can get their power by eating them!)

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