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Originally Posted by MushroomSamba View Post
I always have a hard time making those decisions, so it usually gets put off until my ass really gets kicked. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of going with health stats...seems like the safe pick.
Health is a good pick, nothing wrong with that. You can't really screw anything up so go with what fits your play style.
I'd advise you to get the focus attack though. It's really helpful with big waves of robots and shielded or just more powerful enemies. At least I used it pretty often on hard. More ammo was also a god sent

Originally Posted by MushroomSamba View Post
Actually, that reminds me when I was a kid, I made a village of tiny snowmen all over the top of my neighbor's car. I guess I didn't really have a sense of personal property back then. It didn't occur to me until later that the family probably came out to their driveway thinking "WTF". God, I love snow.
Snow ftw!
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