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Originally Posted by flying ^ View Post

if you're thinking euro-style... hell no!... U.S. won't stoop that low!

ever wonder why you won't see euro-style shenanigans in the U.S.?

... and law abiding citizens & store owners have 'em! (except if you're in selected democrat ctrld city/county)
There are big cities in the US where shop owners pay gangs for protection (similar to the various types of mafia in europe). So, if some people start to riot, these gangs certainly will try to protect their source of income using guns. Most of the time the law abiding citizens don't even know about this.
The question is, what costs more lifes on the long run... up armed gangs, or a riot once in a while. I am not saying that something could be done to change the situation in a fair way. The guns are there to stay, if legislation forbids law abiding citizens to own them, this would give the thugs (who own them illegaly) an advantage (certainly a worst case scenario for the law abiding people).
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