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After many joked with the idea, here it comes:

Gaddafi asks for Cameron to leave office.

Muammar Gaddafi's regime, which London and it's NATO allies efforce themselves to dislodge, called this Wednesday for UK prime minister David Cameron to leave office, considering that he had "lost all legitimacy" following the riots which are shaking the UK.

"Cameron and his government must leave after the popular rallies against them and the violent repression exacted by the police against those who participated in those peaceful gatherings", declared Libyan vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Khaled Kaaim, according to official agency Jana.

"Cameron and his government lost all legitimacy", he added. According to him, "these rallies show that the british people reject this government, which tries to impose itslef by force."

Mr. Kaaim has called "the security council and the international community to not stay idle in face of the blatant agression against the rights of the british people".
Source: Figaro/AFP
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