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Well got around to seeing this and it was a solid opener, but it didn't exactly blow me off my feet like I was expecting it to. I may have had too high of expectations placed on this series going into it. Still good episode nonetheless.

The OST is pretty good so far as I would expect from Sawano. There were a few too many stills like Fate/Zero episode 1 in this episode in the action scenes, but not too many things that felt too blatant. Art quality is fantastic.

I'm not too much into this main character so far. Perhaps I'll like him more as we go along, but I did not quite understand his angst or anything due to the pacing. I don't mind angsty characters, I actually tend to like them, but only so long as the angst is communicated well. I mean first Shuu was complaining first about not being to communicate well with those around him, but they never really expressed what he meant by that exactly so I was just left going "Huh?" Then he starts complaining about being a coward without hinting at any particular reason he feels bad for being a coward. I'm not sure if he particularly dislikes the occupation by foreign countries and why exactly he wanted to help Inori so much that he's willing to put himself in great danger (Just because he has the hawts for her?).

I'm sure they can explain this later, and I'm willing to wait for it. The only problem is that at this point of the story it kind of disconnects me from the character, and hence the story. If I can't care about the main character, then everything doesn't have the necessary impact. That's the key reason here why this episode didn't exactly blow me off my feet.

Not sure how I feel about the plot setup so far. The last anime in this time slot that dealt with diseases/parasites turned out kind of bad, so they'll have to convince me they can make effective use of it for this to be interesting. I assume that the plot is going to be very basic, terrorist organization seeking to uncover conspiracy and liberate country, or something along those lines. Maybe Shuu will have conflict of interests with them and try to be an idealistic fool. Who knows.

I guess what really was not helping me was the similarities in the character between Shuu and the character Shion in No.6 who turned out awful in his development. It's not just the personality but also the VA is the same so I almost feel like they're the same person. Shuu didn't quite establish a unique enough and appealing identity as such to me to really get into the story.

I hope the antagonists become more interesting in this story because so far I got a pretty weak impression from them. Just felt rather bland in how they were "evil." Nothing to write home about. More generally I want to see someone on either side arise and provide an interesting foil for the main character. Maybe Gai can be that, but then the antagonists will leave a lot to be desired. But we'll see.

Anyways, solid opener but Shuu leaves a lot to be desired as a main character so far to me. I don't like the Code Geass comparisons with Guilty Crown, but one thing Code Geass had that was really helpful in getting immersed into that show was an absolutely captivating main character. I don't see that here, and I'm just left rather cold on the prospects of his future development. As a side note though, Gai was really badass, so maybe I'll latch onto him for cool male character of the series.

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