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Spoiler for Location of Seireiden in Episode 6 - 15?:

I feel quite weird that Shana is surprised to find melon pans being sold in Hong Kong.

When Shana became a Flame Haze in Tendōkyū, subsequent battle in Tendōkyū involving Vine subsequently caused it to sink into the ocean, in Hong Kong. After Wilhelmina bid goodbye to her in Hong Kong, Shana traveled alone, before going to Europe. If that is the case, she could have explored that city by herself, and could have discovered melon pans there.

Thus, in Episode 16 of Season 3, she could not be that surprised to find melon pans in Hong Kong. Weird, isn't it?

Originally Posted by elleinad00 View Post
why is it Rebecca's not coming with Shana and co.??
Rebecca did mention that she is going to Tendōkyū.

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And the rings... Yuuji has one and shana like 3 or 4
If you do not mind the spoiler, I can reveal the answer in spoiler thread. Still, I cannot be sure whether the anime will reveal what the rings are, or not in subsequent episodes.

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On that matter why did Sale say that he was an artifical flame haze and that his creator was there. So was he not human to begin with?
Well, the information can be found in Shakugan no SHANA Wikia page. Just search for Sale Habichtsburg in that Wikia. It is not really a spoiler-laden page, as it depicts events that were animated before, but not explained in detail.

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