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Originally Posted by Zakoo View Post
Maybe because of way of living, conditions of living, social factors, inflation, control over money anc a lot of others factors.

And productivity has nothing to do with it, china sell its things cheaper than costs them to produce, it s not dumping anymore, it s hysteria.
Ways of living? Conditions of living?

Well, let me just say that there is certain arrogance and sense of entitlement that I strongly disagree of. What about ways of living if you can't afford it? Does the logic that "I am accustomed to live in leisure and luxury so I must be payed more" make any sense at all? In such global economy, nobody is exempt from the basic rules: that if you can't stay competitive, you go bankrupt. Simple as that.

Originally Posted by monsta666 View Post
Too true but Afghanistan gains its notoriety because it has gone against empires and has consistently won. In fact they say Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires having seen off the British, USSR and if history is anything to go by the US.

Add China to that list.
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