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Aw, I reaaaaally wanted to open the thread after the official announcement. It's definitely coming, though. At this point, it's more of a matter of when and who. (Fall, Production I.G? /o/) And the timeslot, as well - I'd much rather see this on Nichigo instead of the more probable Zetsuen no Tempest, but TV Tokyo has a common past with Shonen Sunday series (the now pretty much deceased Sunday 10:00 timeslot), so it's got better odds of ending up there, I suppose...

Originally Posted by OPN View Post
I'm worried who they will get to voice alladin though...the only one i can see working is megumi han HXH (211) gon's seiyuu.
That's funny because I'm not even watching HxH (I've only heard the voices from the CMs and occasional glimpse at a random episode), but I had the exact same thought and couldn't really see anyone else fitting the role that well. It looks basically impossible, though, considering she's not a regular seiyuu and all...

With that said, I'll be happy just as long as they cast Kimura Ryouhei as Ali Baba!
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