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Originally Posted by monster View Post
Lowe being there doesn't change any of that. Besides, Kira being at the PLANTs was explained.
I merely stated that Lowe's scene won't make it worse, right?

Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
I don’t think it will make it worse compared to the sudden change from being engulfed in the explosion on Earth ---> jump into being treated on bed in Lacus’ mansion in a colony in outer space. Lowe will fill the role of “passerby who happened to be there” and saves Kira. That thing works even in real life (like in traffic accident for example) .
Also, I think most people prefer to be "shown and not told" since plot hole in a story is basically asking "how", right? Thus, Lowe's scene will at least work in showing "how" Kira survived and certainly won't make it worse than what we actually have in SEED. The focus here is "how" Kira survived and not Lowe's identity since his function here is only as a "passerby" and Marchio is the one that treated Kira. If you need (a shred of) Lowe's identity, it can always be provided by Marchio telling Kira (after he wakes up in Lacus' place). We don't even need to know that he's from Junk Guild and piloted Astray Red in the story.
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