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Hyouka is an interesting series in that the character development is so slow that you almost don’t notice it’s happening – but it’s there. The end of Kanya Festa was like a moment when you stand next to a 14 year-old relative you see frequently and realizing to your astonishment that he’s grown six inches, and you never noticed. It was a little more stark with Satoshi and Mayaka, but no less apparent with Houtarou – and he’s been developing at a glacial pace all along, even through the pre-Kanya arcs.

For my money, I still find Satoshi and Mayaka the more interesting pair. Chitanda has evolved the least of the main cast – she’s still largely a plot driver and comic device (and she excels as both), still mired in her disconnected world where mansions are “average” and life is full of new wonders waiting to be discovered. But Houtarou’s journey from a clichéd teenage version of The Dude (The Dude Abides) to fully-vested member of society has become far more interesting than I ever expected. And undeniably Chitanda is a major component of that – if she hasn’t developed much, she’s an indispensable element of Houtarou’s development and that makes her totally crucial to everything that happens in Hyouka. If the series spends its last month on well-crafted idyll I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I’m spoiled now – Kanya Festa left this cast in a fascinating place, and I really want to see where the road takes them from here.
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