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Well with the past two days of matches now behind us. The results having been 'difficult' to track (to say the least); though not as unexpected at first glance. We are left with what might be the "Blockbuster Match of the Round" in prospect. Featuring forty per cent of the "Rie Kugimiya Wonders" finally facing off against each other. The winner faces yet another group final showdown. Nagi Sanzen'in also faces the prospect of becoming the "Sir Donald Bradman/ Wayne Gretzky" of the tournament, and 'still' never to have won it outright. An achievement that has already saved her show from the dreaded 'under-preform' tag.Louise De La Valliere also has the chance to cement herself a place as one of the biggest 'upset merchants' the tournament has had in it's eleven year history. A mouth watering event in it's own right. I wonder how the rest of the blocks pan out from here, will Saki still steam-roll or will the former cream of the crop rise to the top again?

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