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I don't know what and how the hell this happened, but damn Sukitte's opening is pretty darn good. I've read a few chapters of the manga and all I could say was that it was damn generic but I'm at awe on how they manage to make this look so refined. It's like I'm watching Sankarea again in terms of how well directed this was.

Honestly, the only thing that happened in the first chapter was A) Mei kicks Kurosawa after establishing that she's a quiet girl with no friends B) A stalker was following her and he had to call Kurosawa for help and he ends up kissing her to ward the stalker away. Everything in that first chapter was done so blandly and with no feel and it felt like a rehash of every stereotypical shoujo that I watched.

In this episode though. . . Mei's social awkwardness is elaborated with damn fine direction. Kurosawa slightly less of a "bishie" (well he still is but it's toned down a bit). The way the stalker was portrayed was skillfully done. Really, I'm just at awe here. And this is coming from ZEXCS, the generica of generic anime. It also doesn't hurt that it completely does justice of the manga's rather noodle-y pretty designs.

I'm like 100% sold on this.

Great execution, hopefully this continues..
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