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Originally Posted by eragon22 View Post
Hello everyone,

im stuck at chapter 6 and cant level up to seven. There should be a test at the end of the chapter but it wont start. My Evaluation is over 9000, Room Yard, Store and Workshop are all 7 and the Synthesis rank is B. The last Quest i did was Nr 076 and i think ive cleared what i can do from the other quests -there are still some missing spots like quests 008-011 -perhaps thats the reason? My charas are all over lvl 30. Thanks for reading, hope someone can help me.
According to my savefiles, you need Store and Workshop at level 8 as the promotion requirement. So try to upgrade once more. The test should be at Yudora mine - Alchemy Test Mine or something like that, which doesn't start automatically, btw.
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