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  • Pros
    • Having a delete post option might encourage people to delete a inappropriate post themselves.

      Deleting a post is one thing, editing a post blank is another. While in essence it's the same decision, basically fewer people have a problem to delete a post then to edit them.
      (considering other forums)

    • People can delete duplicates, generally even if one were to edit-out a duplicate it would still take the space as there is no viable way to remove one's avatar and info from a post.

  • Cons
    • People could delete the first post of the thread, effectively doing nothing, but make fools of themselves. xP

    • People could delete a post that might have caused a flame war, again does nothing~ But there's a chance there might be serious confusion on weather he/she did something bad or the next poster (or posters) over reacted. This could be cause for confusion. But I think the delete option works as a soft-delete so moderators should be able to see the post anyway.

I personally at this point in time think it's good either way.

Silly Q.
Why don't you just proceed as with Reputation? Turn it on, and just leave it until it becomes useless/pointless/trouble or you find something better.
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