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Originally Posted by cynicalicious View Post
Look, if you let her just walk around as a Valkyrie, you break the game mechanics. You have to have a reason to keep those powers sealed somehow... even if it does sound kind of dumb and completely unrealistic. (Because really... those powers would have been really convenient in some of those later battles...)
I know it's because of the mechanics, but it still made me go "You what? We've finally gotten a Valkyrie, the very being this game is named after, and you're saying not to use her?"

They could have tweaked the mechanics. Thrown in some enemies only Alicia could beat, make the mode require something special and be limited in time, many TRPG's have powerful summons and the like that do massive damage, why not make Alicia one of these?

Having Valkyrie mode in the game would have the Alicia/Selveria game much more awesome than it was (seriously, the anime Alicia/Selveria fight > the game version).

Originally Posted by kalbron View Post
Yes, but I thought it was blatantly obvious that Valkyria = Nukes and so the moral of the story was "Remember kids, don't use nukes!"

True, it didn't make a huge amount of sense within the confines of the story, but there you have it.
I'd think the Holy Lance fits that better... And it looks like VC2 is going to give you a Valkyrie of your own to toy with anyway. My main problem is that the beings who this game is named after played only a small role in the game, and even a tinier role in the battles. That was a major disappointment, and one the anime at least partially fixed.

Originally Posted by kalbron View Post
Besides, they didn't even need the Valkyria to win in the end. The anime certainly upped their power dramatically, but in the game they were still vunrable to concentrated enemy fire as the Selvaria DLC showed. Superhuman yes, invincible no.
Depended on the battle. In the main game, Selveria and Alicia were pretty much invulnerable no matter how much fire you poured into them. And the anime didn't make them entirely invulnerable either, remember Nagiar, where sneaking up behind Selveria proved to be enough for her to decide playtime was over.
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