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Originally Posted by tyranuus View Post
Sounds like we agree on quite a bit now then, including how Moka and Tsukune are likely to look like later on although Im going to avoid peeking inside your spoiler!

Another thing that makes me think outer Moka is actually part of the true Moka's more repressed side of the personality is if you noticed that during the episode where Inner Moka spent the day 'on the outside', the others commented whilst spying on her that when she's not fighting/acting agressive, I.Moka is actually a surprisingly nice/kind person (again lending some credibility to the two personalities are part of one whole personality theory), they almost seem to have this whole Ying and Yang thing going on, where both are part of one whole, and although we dont see it so often, both possess factors we usually attribute to the other.
I think a lot of people missed the importance of that comment, considering the really 'outer' moment she had later on after Tsukune ate the pie, and then next chapters comment from Tsukune about how he wishes the two would become one.

You know Im almost surprised the mangaka hasn't had the idea of a halloween chapter back in the human world...if Tsukune and his friends were to visit during halloween, they could probably get away with blue murder around his parents, if they pretended they were in costume.

Well...unless something went wrong, and his family realised they weren't actually costumes. Would also be a SLIGHTLY easier way to break the news to his parents, turn up looking more vampiric with the hair, eyes and teeth, as though it was a costume, then drag his parents aside and speak to them/demonstrate before he is about to leave.
A Halloween chapter could be *brilliant*.
Well that might be one way to break the news to Tsukune's parents about his condition. Although if you remember how Tsukuine's mother acted after Moka and the rest of the girls showed up in Tsukune's home ... they would probably still ... get the shock of their lifetime.

Well, getting back to the discussion I think that Tsukune's vampire form is going to be reveled to Tsukune's family ... in a more serious and dramatic fashion then what you proposed tyranuus. At least that's my suspicion on this topic.

Regarding Moka's ... "duel" personality, well there are still a lot we don't know about the Rosario and how both personalities came into existence ... or rather where the aspects of Moka's Outer personality came from to be definitely sure about our own theories on this topic ... but, as you have mentioned tyranuus there are hints that suggest that Outer Moka's personality came from some hidden aspects of Moka's "true personality" which after Moka's power's where sealed by the Rosario where split up into her Outer and Inner personality.
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