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Heh, thats pretty much what I was trying to say back to you!

Personally I think if they do merge, the new Moka personality will show aspects of both, perhaps even to the same extremes (this is the same person after all), but it'll be a more rounded manner, rather than the bipolar nature we've seen at points from I/O.Moka.

Arguable given the explanations, and judging them seperately, as of Season 2, I.Moka has been somewhat Tsundere as of late (or perhaps even since early on going by the recap/memory shown in Ch40 of season 1,which was meant to be set fairly shortly after he joined the school), Outer Moka on the other hand has been all the way and obvious for quite some time (I could be wrong but didn't she even say "I love you" quite early on, during the Birthday/painting/medusa chapter)

And those cosplays... to nick the phrase "did not want..."

Originally Posted by microgamer
I wish the male characters from R+V would be more fun to cosplay, otherwise I'd be on top of that. Given that it is a harem series, it's understandable. Still, I think R+V has a special place in my heart and I'd like to represent it somehow.
Could always do vampiric Tsukune over normal Tsukune... get some contact lenses, bit of facepaint, shirt, trouser and shoes etc etc. Probably quite easy and still recognisable if you could find appropriate contacts.
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