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Anyway, I agree that the Key/KyoAni stuff in general tends to do "drama, friends, and family" better than romance, which probably explains why I don't like them as much as EF, Sola, True Tears, etc... I'm one of those guys who tends to enjoy stories much more if there's a good romance involved. Once again, I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of game players - is the romance in the Key games themselves stronger than in the anime, or was were the games more about "drama, family, friends" too?
I think the lack of romance in CLANNAD is because they chose Nagisa for the main story. Nagisa's route is much more drama than romance, especially when you get into After Story. The other routes included are either more drama than romance (Ex: Fuko) or had to be edited to remove most of the romance (Ex: Tomoyo)

I don't think either Unified or Omnibus works for all series. I think CLANNAD's unified format worked pretty well as most of the routes are "drama, family, friends" rather than romance. That should work fine as long as the routes that are to be fit into one aren't romantic, maybe except for one, but when all of the routes are romantic, I think too many compromises have to be made to make unified work.
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