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I had a strange experience yesterday. I have been studying and enjoying Higurashi in its various adaptations for several months now. Before this time, I watched the first anime season only once, I think it was in 2010 when it had been released by Funimation as a complete set. I knew neither the Kai Season nor the Novel or the Manga.

But yesterday - as I said, after months of thinking about Higurashi - I suddenly remembered a strange feeling I had in 2010, when I first watched the first season and knew nothing about the rest. I was really fascinated by the wonderful, heartbreaking last episode, but totally unsure if it was a happy ending or not. This exciting feeling of uncertainty was only possible because I didn't know anything about what would be revealed in the Kai season. That feeling returned to me yesterday, almost like a memory of another world, at least it's nice to describe it like that to myself ...
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