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Well, if anyone is interested, a better ,"chapter 60" has appeared, in the usual place.
well hard to tell if its better... the earlier source had more power in the text somehow :P and they kept gyokuros supprise lines like the orginal had... the ""

anyway I was relooking the chapter and I noticed something interesting in that panel where tsukune fnished off gyokuro with that mega punch.... we can see tsukunes chain in good detail... and so we can notice that his seal is not broken completly...and there are some seals remaining that didnt crack yet.... so there is a strong possibility that after they use the rosario to put alucard back to sleep and the resonation will disappear... tsukune will return to his human form

but I guess this few chapters were to make moka open up a bit and make her now really care for tsukune... as its her fault he is in this condition... so I wouldnt be supprised if all the girls took trainig more order to become better so tsukuen wouldnt have to fight and risk his life to this degree... maybe till they find out a way to bring akasha back and get some ideas on tsukune.... it would be nice if akasha come up with a sealing specially for tsukune (as the holy lock is not for his design)... just like she came up with the idea of the rosario

so yeah akasha might be the missing link to the knowladge of the sealings techs (as she had enought power to seal alucard from within... so she might have a variety of sealings)... so at the end the 3dark lords would make a special sealing just for tsukune... so he could use some power but without losing himself

I really liked that panel where gyokuro was couging blood after the final blow...her doing that mindless slaughter house at the end..with no techs but exchaning all kinds of blows with no style ^^ could be becouse she throught that the more he fight the more he will fall and change (like how his amr changed... gyokuro had this bright face something interesting happened).... and I seriously wouldnt be supprised if after this fight and how she saw his power she develops a Tsukune craving :P as it was some time someone gave her this much hard time ^^ and from her point it might be exciting

anyway maybe now we will focus on issa... or we might learn more about hakutos and miyabis plan...
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