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Originally Posted by zibi88 View Post

anyway maybe now we will focus on issa... or we might learn more about hakutos and miyabis plan...
I think that, first of all, the next few chapters are going to concentrate on saving Tsukune.

It might be done, using the method you described in you're post, although personally I doubt that it's going to be as easy as you sound it to be, since I believe that this incident is going to have some effect on Tsukune's human form and daily life, that the Holy Lock won't be capable of fully suppressing.

And personally, I doubt that the solution of Tsukune receiving some special seal, is going to actually be the remedy of Tsukune's issues with the Alucard blood, since I doubt that, no matter how heavily complicated that seal is going to be, it's just going to slow down the propagation of Alucard's blood, until the seal reaches a point, where it won't be able to hold, since I don't think that in the R+V world, exists something like a "permanent seal" - returning us to a similar issue as the current one.

I believe that Tsukune has no choice but adapt to the power and strain of Alucard's blood, just like Moka did, either through some "natural way" or, by forcefully inducing some changes within Tsukune's body - similarly to the HMT ritual - any other option, would be, in my opinion,just a way of delaying this issue, which would - in the end, just be making Tsukune's issue more and more dangerous for his sanity and body.

Of course, this is definitely going to make Tsukune less "human", but frankly speaking, from a physical point of view, I don't see Tsukune as a "human" anymore, even if his transformation hasn't been completed yet.
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