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Well, if anyone is interested, a better ,"chapter 60" has appeared, in the usual place.
I loved this chapter a lot. I feel that Tsukune will pull through the ghoul transformation thanks to Moka by kissing him, just like Kurumu did. I also feel that alucard will fully awaken and have to be defeated by Tsukune, Moka, and Akasha and after his destruction, his blood flowing through Tsukune's veins will disappear and he will become a full vampire like Moka. Moka will have a heart-touching moment with her mother and then Akasha will have a serious conversation with Tsukune about Moka and his powers and her thanking Tsukune for taking care of Moka in her absence. Moka's rosary will end up breaking once Alucard is vanquished but neither Tsukune nor Moka will have to worry about not seeing the other Moka because the events of being taken by Fairy Tale, Tsukune saving her and her seeing Tsukune turning into the ghoul were such heart-wrenching moments for her that the outer and inner-Moka's became one, which is what Tsukune wished would happen so he wouldn't have to choose between the two. However, Akasha would not live at the end due to being sealed inside Alucard for so long and that one cannot live without the other due to it, but before she disappears, she gives her remaining strength to Tsukune.
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