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^ Sorry, but that scenario sounds a little too convenient to me.

1.)First of all, I would be really frustrated, if Tsukune managed to defeat Alucard, in the current arc.

After all, considering the fact that, such an experienced vampire as Akasha wasn't capable of bringing him down... it would be pretty anticlimactic if, someone who has had vampire powers, for about a year, would be capable of defeating him.

Such a development, would pretty much, undermine the whole development about Alucard being one of the strongest species that exist in the R+V world.

2.) It's pretty unlikely that the blood within Tsukune would "magically" change, after Alucard is "defeated". The reason, for that is caused by the fact that the "physical" parameters of Alucard's blood are different then the physical parameters of an ordinary vampires blood.

In other words, to me... it would be pretty illogical to think that something "physical" can simply vanish, just because someone was "killed".

3.) The same can be said, about what you think, is going to happen to Akasha, after Alucard would be "killed" - there is pretty nothing suggesting that she and Alucard have become a "single" being - if that has been the case, there would be no way, of her being capable of getting out, from his body ... in the past, and there is nothing suggesting that it can't be done again.

The fact that Alucard's and Akasha's blood has "merged" doesn't mean that they have become a single being or that they can't "live" without each other.

4.) I think that the issue of Outer / Inner Moka has already been resolved, it's just that Ikeda is keeping us in the doubt, about it's "results".

Since, the topic of Outer and Inner Moka "fusing" with each other, has some, pretty heavy opposition, among some of the fans, I doubt that something like that, is actually going to occur - not to mention, hints about Outer Moka disappearing have been made, as soon as chapter 2 of the first season, which has been, a lot earlier, then the appearance of the topic of the two Moka's merging with each other...

And the reason, why I think this topic, might have been already resolved, is caused by the fact that the "sealing" part of Moka's Rosario has been broken, a few chapters ago, and you should remember, what happened the last time, something like this occurred - although, at that time, it has been mentioned that the seal hasn't been "completely" broken - the current situation is different, in the sense that I think the seal has been "completely" broken this time, so even if Outer Moka is still "alive" within the Rosario, her "connection" with Inner Moka and her body, might have already been severed, with no way of "repairing" it.
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