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I can also second what's been said about the animation; in fact, I quite liked it.

But Episode was more like meh...
It didn't feel like the rest of the series at all, every bit of the gloomy mood was gone (well, apart from Rena's sickening grin). And, as everything started to repeat all over again anyway, there was no need for the totally unconvincing happy ending of that arc. It seemed like they just had to end the series (or at least the season) with that episode without having any idea how to do that; and that's exactly how it turned out. Everything ended in a rush...Rena was persuaded so easily, it was just ridiculous. To me it was a very disappointing ending for what until then was a great series.

But since it's not the actual ending of the story and season 2 is planned there is still hope.
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