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Originally Posted by FatPianoBoy View Post
Not really spoilers in the final episode thread...

1. Satoko untied them?

2. Yeah...

3. It has a bit to do with the overall mystery, actually. Remember K1's sudden recollection of Onikakushi? Similar.

4. No, they couldn't. They had no way of knowing if Rena had another method of activating the explosives. They'd be raising the risk of the explosion and needlessly endangering themselves and the children further.

5. Law of Hollywood Earshot: characters can only hear and will always hear speech intended for their ears. Otherwise, they are Helen Keller impersonators.

6. They were outdoors, where the fumes quickly dissipated.

Other stuff:
Lack of realism? In a show about homicidal lolis, government conspiracies, a world that resets like an eroge after a bad end, and a Shinto deity that may or may not exist, you're worried about the fact that a kid who was busy on a telephone couldn't hear seeds of treachery being sown ten feet away?
Fortunately, there is only one Rena. Otherwise they may team up and take all the cute things in the world home with them, leaving us with nothing.
Watch the whole arc again for more on the parasites. It's there, but I guess you missed it. Also, read the TIPS.
Is Oyashiro-sama real? There's another season on the way which will explain this and the reset conditions, so I'm told.

Thanks for the post back, good stuff.
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