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Wow remind me never to watch this entire series pretty much without break. A lot of stuff to try and deal with all at once. Glad a second season is coming since I really want a more conclusive finish to things. I mean with every single result being bad or depressing you've got to hope something can go better.

Really feels bad for the characters in these things. Finding out what really happened in the first arc is just sad no matter how you look at it. Instead of any kind of conspiracy it was just one guy going insane. I don't know how Rika does it continually going through these different scenarios always looking for a way out. Would have to be incredibly hard to keep focused and trying.

The end was nice up till the point where we find out that it didn't matter. Well maybe it mattered in that it gave Rika a renewed hope to keep on fighting. If I was Rika personally after they won the day. I'd hide myself in a room, grab a shot gun and wait until after I'm supposed to be dead.

Bring on season 2 though. Here's hoping they find there way out of this never ending tragic fate.

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