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Funny, his romanticizing over Mikuru is one of the things I like about Kyon. It shows that he's genuinely capable of positive thinking from time to time. Granted, I think that he blows Mikuru's appearance a bit out of proportion vis a vis what he says/thinks about Haruhi and Yuki (both of which being above average in physical appearance, imo), but for me, I'd like to see him recognize Haruhi and Yuki's good looks more instead of appreciating Mikuru's less.
His compliments regarding Mikuru sometimes feel like purple prose to me, not quite Stephanie Meyer quality, but still sickeningly sweet. He totally puts her on a pedestal. I might be over exaggerating it though. I just remember when I first read the novels there was so much praise for her that I just got tired of reading it.

...Well it could be worse I guess. At least Kyon's compliments have some class to them.

His compliments regarding Haruhi and Yuki sound much more natural. And yeah I would also like for Kyon to compliment Haruhi and Yuki more.

Doesn't he pretty much say that Haruhi is as good-looking as Mikuru? I think there was something along those lines in Endless Eight (novel version anyway).
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