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Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Technically... Mikuru has no intentions of pursuing a relationship with Kyon. If not for Haruhi's (and Nagato's) retribution, then because history says she didn't, so she can't.
Do we know this for certain? I mean, was there actual dialogue in the later novels to this effect?

Haruhi and Kyon are both examples of people who look attractive, but possess personalities that often clash with others.
Yes, I'd agree with that. I still think that Kyon comes off as a mostly quiet eccentric loner, though, to most of his class; I doubt that most of his classmates know what his personality is really like (Haruhi, on the other hand...). Kyon's association with Haruhi simply means he comes across as a bit less of a loner, but now as much more eccentric.

Originally Posted by Launch View Post
I always thought that Kyon's (over) complimenting of Mikuru was more to do with the fact that he can't admit to himself that he actually likes Haruhi more. A kind of "No! Mikuru is the one I like, not anyone else!" type of thing Almost 'forcing' himself to compliment her so he doesn't have to think of Haruhi.

That's just the way I saw it. ^^;
No offense, but this strikes me as a HaruhiKyon shipper really grasping for straws.

Also, I dislike the heavy layers of pretentiousness that some fans are reading into Kyon and Koizumi - such a notion makes them far less likable as characters, imo.

It's really not that hard to simply accept that Kyon finds Mikuru more attractive than Haruhi. It's really not. Yes, Haruhi has a great look herself, but if Kyon's main thing is basic cuteness and/or breast size, Mikuru genuinely has Haruhi beat there.

Originally Posted by ac195 View Post
If you had to save the world on a regular basis (with no powers) and had to keep pace with Haruhi... You'd be a little overly snarky too.
No, I wouldn't be.

Not to say I'd handle it terribly better than Kyon does, but snark is rarely my coping mechanism of choice. Quite the contrary, my coping mechanism of choice is usually to try to look on the bright side of things as much as possible.

If I was in Kyon's shoes...

1) I'd be less snarky

2) I probably would have had a worse, more long-term traumatized reaction to the Asakura incident... but not snarky so much as I'd be more jumpy and a bit more cautious. I think that most people would have, honestly. Kyon's got serious guts, I'll give him that.

3) I'd simply refuse to pay out Haruhi's outrageous financial penalties, whatever the consequences... or, if Kyon's financially loaded (as I frequently suspect since he never objects to those penalties), I'd be more generous upfront to avoid the degrading nature of taking such financial penalties.

4) I would have taken Itsuki up on his "I love you" suggestion from the endless summer arc. If it works out well... great. If it doesn't, I can always blame Itsuki.

5) Overall, I'd be enjoying it all a lot more than Kyon is.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. Overall, Kyon has a lot of guts, I'll give him that.

Oh, and real life "genki" people ("genki" that's the nice way to put it...) aren't that fun to be with. The same goes for real life clumsy people... they aren't cute.
I know real life people with domineering take-charge personalities like Haruhi. I met them in College. They're usually a blast to hang out with. At the high school level, I would have loved to have had a friend like Haruhi.
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