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Damn, I've been missing kai for a good 15 eps now, but I was just watching eps 30-32 and I realized you could view this story as being pretty much a story about Vegeta.

First of all, Vegeta starts off as the bag guy. Not just "a" bag guy. THE bad guy. He didn't give a shit (can I mildly swear here? I've been on gamefaqs for too long and they keep deleting my posts for swearing lol) about anyone, and killed his probably best friend ruthlessly (he's most likely been traveling with Nappa for a long time now). But after his defeat with Goku, he gets humiliated over and over again and he realizes how much more powerless he was compared to what he thought. Add to the fact that his way of life was based almost solely on pride (he was a prince god damn it).

He then goes on to see Goku completely surpass him. A guy he use to consider "damn I lost my guard down and he got me. I'll just have to recharge and blow up his planet". After the freeza saga, Vegeta suddenly finds himself in a completely different life. He's just seen a sayian who was able to go from nothing to becoming the legendary super sayian (at this point it was still legendary...), defeat someone who he was completely powerless against, and then suddenly disappear never to be seen again. Goku becomes sort of like a legend to him, so he trains hard to become the best fighter he could be because he's become so damn inspired (or whatever). It probably explains why he doesn't kill everyone on earth. He wants to see what made Goku so strong (his friends apparently) so he sticks around with them.

Suddenly one day, the legendary hero returns. But if that wasn't shocking enough for Vegeta, another sayian arrives and turns super sayain as well. Vegeta suddenly realizes that the legend was just that. A legend. It wasn't every 1000 years. That number was probably just made up since achieving the level of super sayian was just simply something that didn't happen very often. Now he can finally pass Goku.

Then the shit kinda hits the fan for him. Once again he gets shown up by Goku, then Trunks ("don't worry pops, you rest"), then Goku ditches ("lol later Vegeta") then Gohan tops him too (for a little father-son lawlfest).

Then Vegeta achieves the bad end. Tries once, fails. Tries twice, fails. Third time? "Screw this, I give up."

Goku was just a plot device to keep the story moving. Also, did anyone notice Goku's kind of a dick? I mean you could say he's care free, but he's a little too carefree you know? He sees that gohan has a broken neck and is probably dying, experienced the most fearful, painful thing in his life and Goku's just like "lol ur necks broke, here eat this." He's freakin smiling during this scene! He also never spends any time with his wife (and I'm assuming son). All he gives a damn is about is fighting .

Also, lol wtf? when did Goku learn how to read minds?
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