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Not sure about this one either. The only hint of 'total isolation' we have is from Rosa's testimony, which is suspect.
We also have Kawabata's pow.

-He's been bringing stuff to the "rear port" for 20 years, and it was stuff meant for a young lady, which he was never allowed to see.
-He's been doing that in all secrecy, he was even paid to keep his mouth shout and somewhat even threatened not to open it by Genji.

in addition:

-The conversation between Beato and Kinzo in 1967 we have seen has been confirmed to be true in red.

I think there are enough hints to claim that the probability that this Beatrice didn't exist or wasn't secluded are below 5%.

Anyway It seems I have misunderstood your question, since you were asking for eccentric actions he made rather than extraordinary.
However in that case I have:

- being a fanatic of occultism.
- claiming that the witch was real to the point of forcing the servants to believe in it (or pretend to).
- founding an orphanage where children are raised with the prospect of becoming underaged servants as their highest aspiration. They are even stripped of their original name.
- Closing himself into a study for several years, without seeing almost anyone.

No, it doesn't, but it casts doubt on his occult knowledge as proof of eccentricity.
It doesn't. His books were confirmed to be very valuable. At max this gives additional hints about him being interested in stage magic or fake occultism as well. Which is yet another sign of eccentricity

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