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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
scene of Yuki reading alone in the club room with voices filtering in from next door. But other people's mileage may justifiably vary.
That's the radio.

Anyway, one sentence to describe this episode for me:
I have never seen such an interesting episode where absolutely nothing happens.

Really, it's almost as if they took a page right out of the SOS-dan's daily life and animated that. There are no supernatural events, heck, there are no events, period.

In return, the episode was very soothing to watch, the "ordinary-ness" of SOS-dan's one day makes it much easier for us to immerse ourselves in the characters' lives.

There's no mistake that this episode was meant to be an "epilogue", since it's the last episode in the time-line series. In that respect, I think it was very well done. This episode served as an important reminder that "this is what our daily lives are really all about".

(Also, notice how the camera become fixed in the club room when Kyon's no longer aound ^^; )

Spoiler for highlights:

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