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Originally Posted by AVPlaya View Post
It's a Kinki Area only Mucha-flavored Giant Pocky. You can buy regular Giant Pocky in your neighborhood Japanese supermarket.
It looked like Konata pulled out quite a few other things for her to buy as well o_O~

One of them looks like some sort of ramen or something XD

Originally Posted by Claymore_Obsessed View Post
I think I know this one.
Well, it's a reference to a REALLY hard 80's game called Gradius

One of these powerups is called "option". An "option" is basically a ghost spaceship who follows your trail and shoots when you do so, thus multiplying your firepower.

In Konata's fantasy, Budda's nose is the main spaceship the player controls, and all those round decorations around are the "options"
In my eyes, it looked more like she was pointing to Buddha in general and the mini-Buddhas were equivalent to the Options. XD


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