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Then there's the issue of mental health. Whether it be ZAFT or the Alliance they all seem to be psychopaths who'd like nothing more than to kill a whole bunch of the other guys. The guys who launch the nukes just going nuts just before firing, and then the ZAFTies going apeshit and killing guys trying to retreat and disabled suits...That kind of behavior is unacceptable from a professional soldier. Like I said before, they are way too emotional and that plays a big factor into their combat performance.
That's because the massive loss of life from the wars taken its toll on the sanity of a lot of people. For example in the opening part of the war N-Jammer messed up Earth's energy causing mass starvation in a lot of places. Then Blue Cosmos causing Bloody Valentine caused certain people to start to lose their sanity. A good example of this is Patrick Zala whose mental condition worsens as the series goes on from his wife's death during Bloody Valentine.
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