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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
The Freedom's targeting system is likely visual confirmation in nature,
I have to disagree here

1 In nearly anime ive seen a form of targets on a scope that have been lighted up its a form of electronic locking system. Similar to what RL current tracking system. If fakuda wanted a visual confirmation that isnt electronic based he could of used a different form of visualization but he didnt.

2 Freedom has a N canceller. What this means in a small area he can counter n-jammers, which in turn means electronic devices (sensors/comms) is functional in his limited sphere.

If he is using the n-cancellor that would also mean his targets rader network should detect him providing his aoe is also within the targets. A 2 way street per say.

But no worries i dont need a reply. Ive done my course in basic rader training (which also cover extensive understanding of how the system works including heavy ECM blankets) that i can safely say fakuda wasn't really interested in getting real mechanics into play here. Which is a good call i might add or else i would called BS louder than ive already have.

long story short... targets would of detected him while in his n-cancellor aoe.


Yes you are correct i am referring to kira's regular Targeting system before he rainbow spams.

Originally Posted by XFreedom View Post
and everyone just scared the shjt out of themselves and the battle end up not long after that
I would too if i couldn't hit the broad side of the barn.
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