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Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
Lelouch doesn't need to control the world to change it. Britannia is the aggressive nation. Eliminating that aggression eliminates the problem.
Considering how cynical this series has been I highly doubt Lelouch going out and saying that Schneizel is finished and people are at peace are going to end with some guy screaming "let's dance" and have the whole thing end with Britannians and Japanese dancing, Palestinian dancing with Isreal, and everything is peachy.

That would go completely against the tone of the series, this isn't the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

Also blaming all of the world's problem on one nation screams racism,. Considering how the series has been going. Lelouch and Suzuka are definitly going to get karmic backlash for the things they did in episode 20, and 21, and I don't think Tanaguchi knowing how some people interpeted Britannia as a dig against America is just going to have Britannia as the lone problem.
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