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Originally Posted by blewin View Post
Agreed. He's definitely aiming for something bigger.

but I hope they won't have the Black Knights helping Schneizel. I find their alliance pretty forced. It'd be very forced and rushed if those two parties are to band together against Britannia. What happens to long term enmity? not enough time to explain the change of mind, despite the so-called evidence of Zero's ability (the Black knights didn't even call for an internal investigation! they just believed what they were told and that's it.)
I think what happened in Episode 21 is proof enough that Lelouch has geass and has abused it. I think that the Black Knights crawling back to Lelouch would simply destroy their characters. What happened to Todoh's honor? What happend to Oguie's morals? All of that would be gone if they go crawling back to two guys who have clearly abadoned both.
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