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the fate zero anime is severely overrated, plot wise it failed as an adaptation about as much as deen's series did, but visually it is better than deen's.

But, it's not like any adaptation is a particularly bad vn adaptation, if anything they are on the good side of the balance; personally I would reccomend to just watch them unless you are already a novel reader, in which case it's better to go for the novels. Also, if youa re short on time, it's better to spend the smaller amount of time watching the tv series so you can decide if you like or not the concept instead of spending much longer reading the novels that you might not even like.

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If you want to start following the Fate series I recommend reading the Fate/Stay Night visual novel rather than watching the anime adaption. The anime isn't very good good compared to the VN, it leaves out many things which are important to the story.
yeah, like shirou boiling eggs.
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