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Urobuchi had constantly denied any involvement with the writing of the anime adaptation of Zero since day one. He might have supervised some of the changes, but in the end it was never in his hand what was changed. In fact, the Fate/Zero anime had no script writers credited anywhere since the announcement of the staff to the end of the final episode.
Where did you get this information? The interview that comes with the Fate/Zero first volume is completely different. They even asked him to rework lines in a "cool, Urobuchi way." He was completely involved with the scenario writing and supervision.

Don't know about Nasu or Takeuchi. They were asked things like the layout of Fuyuki.

Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
Doesn't all routes address this to some point? UBW and HF moreso than Fate, but it is always there.
HF puts a stronger emphasis on Kiritsugu (all the truth about him is out, and Shirou has an actual choice to become like him) and on Kotomine which has more connection to Zero than UBW which... doesn't. Furthermore, ufotable always uses the four children as a promotional material of "let's continue next generation" (which, admittedly, can be fanservice, but food for thought). The only route where the four of them play a real role is HF.

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All of Fate/Zero's scenario was done via committee, and Urobuchi was present in every meeting. The Fate/Zero animation material explicitly states that Urobuchi's suggestions were the ones that deviated the most from the original novel, and that he played a significant part in how the anime scenario turned out.
Did they? I haven't gotten my copy of that book yet. That's interesting.

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