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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
I don't recall anyone ever claiming that Souls sent to SS didn't retain their memories from their time in the living world. Rukia was killed and sent to SS as a baby. So her memories would naturally only be limited to her time in the afterlife since she was brought up there for as long as she could remember. And we don't know enough about Renji's life (prior to the point where he met Rukia) to know roughly how old he was before he arrived in Soul Society. He could've been a baby as well when it happened. But even if Renji did have some memories of his time in the living world, we weren't really shown a situation where he'd necessarily need to talk about it.

So to sum it up, the reason why we've only seen Renji and Rukia talk about their life from when they were children in Rukongai is likely because they either were too young to remember their time in the living realm, their lives in the living realm were to irrelevant to talk about, or a combination of both.

Still, having stated that, I stand open for correction.
That parakeet that Chad saved remembered him, so yes souls can remember their time in the living world.

As for the fullbringers, I suppose they'll have zanpakutou that match their Fullbrings.

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