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It is really kinda humorous how Haruhi is really "into" Mikuru's body. Sort of reminiscent of kids playing with Barbies. Anyway, it shows a lot in this ep since the photo shoot is one of the main events.

I enjoyed the rainy atmosphere, probably since it rained today. Rain and cold give a very lifeless feeling, but there is a lot of life to be had, and wonderment. The changing sequence vs bookshelf, was done well; some of Haruhi's remarks are very funny. Kyon's little journey was really relaxing, time really didn't seem to matter, it's a nice feeling.

The highlight for me was the end scenes from when Kyon wakes up. I would have to agree that the other blazer was Yuki's, though it doesn't seem likely AT ALL, but makes the most sense....

Haruhi and Mikuru were together, so if Mikuru would have covered Kyon, Haruhi would have noticed. The question is, would she remove it if Mikuru did that or leave it? I think that was mention earlier in thread. Also, didn't Haruhi say that one of the coats was hers?? Could the first overcoat on Kyon have belonged to Haruhi?

If that is the case, then the second could belong to anyone really? Perhaps Haruhi conned someone out of their coat and put both of them on sleeping boy Kyon.

It would be a really interesting thing to see a flashback or extra of that scene where everyone leaves except Haruhi, or at least I think so. She's such a powerful character, but it seems she has some fragile aspects, though usually hidden; she's so damn intriguing. last 3 min=grandness.

I could go on and on there's so much to enjoy about this story, its golden! xry
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