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Everyone thinks there is better and whatnot to software but in reality there isn't. GIMP is just as good as photoshop, I can do anything in gimp that I can do with photoshop, it just matter of skills. There is really not a whole lot to discuss here, what comes out is really just matter of skill not the software you are using. So the main point is, don't rant about the software when it is matter of your skills.
That depends on the person and how they make their sigs, and what techniques they use. Most of the filters and actions I used in PS are not in GIMP. Therefore, it DOES depend on software, but it also depends on skill as well.

Not to say anything against any of you--but how many people exactly pay for Photoshop, considering its price?
I received my version of photoshop last year at Christmas. My father paid for it. ;____; He's the one who actually receives the income for photoshop/computer stuff... He works at the college down the street from my house, and teaches online classes and stuff....
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